CEO Message
The world is increasingly depending on the automation, electronic, unmanned, motor-driven electronic products, which will continue to facilitate and optimize people’s lives. With the increasing demand for motors in the market, we are confident in the future of the motor industry, and despite the factors such as global economic changes and industry competition, we remain convinced that the motor industry is full of potential and unlimited possibilities in the face of challenges.

Standard Electric main products include the permanent magnet DC motors, and gradually tends to diversify the motor products. We have been focusing on product design, production technology, quality control and customer service, in order to provide customers with high-quality motors and comprehensive services.

We attach importance to long-term cooperation with customers, to achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation. Our professional teams in sales, project management, development, process, quality management and operation, are committed to providing customers with comprehensive total solutions.

The market is changing, and we understand that the industry needs to keep pace with the times, and even need to have a high-edge vision, to develop new technologies, which cannot be rigid. We are committed to investing in technology research and development to provide more high-end products to capture market trends.

We would like to thank our customers for their supports, and Standard Electric will continue to create better prospects for the industry and work with customers to develop the market side by side.