Engineering Capability
Standard Electric , as a company which specializes in micro motor manufacturing, customer’s satisfaction is our eternal pursuit. To achieve higher degree of satisfaction from customer, our company is dedicated to meet the customer requirement about quality, cost, and delivery date. For providing the stable quality, we have serious test to omnidirectional process to ensure our product quality, such as parts’ material test, test for temperature change ,test for humidity change, test for process accuracy, noise test, test for chemical substance effect. For cost reduction, continual cost management ,material & process improvement and technology reform enable us to produce better and waste much less. For timely delivery, we have high-level automatic production line which enable us to response to customer’s delivery date requirement. Meanwhile, our company has a strong and professional team who are responsible for product’s development and technology application so that we have capability to provide a whole series product application plan for customer.

Standard Electric, the world leader in micro motors, offers custom engineering solutions based on a wide range of low voltage DC and high voltage DC motor platform. The low voltage DC platform provides power and compact packaging options. The high voltage DC range provides power density and space saving advantages versus traditional AC motors in similar applications .

In addition, in Nanshan District, Shenzhen R & D center, is mainly responsible for the development of universal motor, capacitor motor, shaped-pole motor, HVDC motor, BLDC motor, and related manufacturing processes, automation equipment. Standard Electric Japan Office was established in 2006 as a business, purchasing and R & D center. To strengthen the function from the design of the motor to the product improvement, the production technology, and the quality support base. Standard Electric Japan Office R & D center as a leading position of manufacturing base, in order to optimize the quality of the production, enhance efficiency the unmanned , automation of production. Continue to promote systematic, and gradually establish the contribution to the [quality, cost, service] upward organizational system. While helping to strengthen the creation of close relationships with Japanese customers.

CNC video measuring instrument

CNC video measuring instrument: The equipment belongs to Mitutoyo QUICK VISION serials QV-E202P1LC. The detection precision is 0.1um. It is used to detect those which are tiny or those cannot detect by other tools, such as: the installing groove length of brush and the width of groove etc.

Roundness instrument

The equipment belongs to Mitutoyo QUICK VISION serials of RA-2200. It has high precision and easy operating platform, it can continue to detect inner diameter and outer diameter, thus can achieve higher production efficiency, the test system has high intelligent programming, a operator can operate multiple equipment at the same time.

Three-dimensional magnetic vector distribution tester

The device can test the distribution of housing magnetic field. It can use to assess the distribution of magnetic field in different three-dimensional direction, so that can guide the design and setting production condition of motor etc.

Full anechoic chamber & FFT noise and vibration analyzer

Full anechoic chamber can offer environmental noise which is lower than 16dB, the FFT noise and vibration analyzer can provide powerful support for the noise detection and the analysis of motor.

Thousand-fold magnifier

It can magnify the object from 20 times to 1000 times max, in the high power microscopic system, we can observe the matters that cannot be seen in the common magnifier easily, it is helpful for us to analyze the status of motor and observe the cooperation between the related components etc.

Image size tester

We purchased the instrument from Keyence, it can test multiple samples and multiple dimensions at the same time, thus can reduce the intensity of labor of operator, and increase the detection efficiency.

High-low temperature alternating testing equipment

We purchased the instrument from CEPREI, the structure could be divided into high temperature box, test box and low temperature box, the high-low temperature box can provide the high-low temperature to the test box by temperature alternating, it can change the temperature from 25℃ to 120℃ or decrease to -75℃ within 10 minutes, it is use to test the change of performance after impact by the cold or hot temperature,  and test motor performance parameters under different temperature.